Gone Phishing

As the long weekend approaches in Canada, many people will be at the lakes for a spot of fishing, but in technology terms the word Phishing means something very different. Phishing Definition Phishing in technology terms is the sending out of emails, texts, voicemails and more. This is done by cyber criminals seeking out informationContinue reading “Gone Phishing”

What is Privilege Access Management (PAM)?

Privilege Access Management or PAM in cyber security terms is about offering solutions for securing your sensitive data. Lets break this down: First off, what does the word privilege mean in this context? Well, it essentially means having the authority to access an account. Second, the word Access in this context means just that-having permissionContinue reading “What is Privilege Access Management (PAM)?”

Cybersecurity and the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s time to shed light on VPNs or Virtual Private Networks for my readers. Because, not everyone knows what they are, what VPNs do exactly or if they are even necessary as a security tool. According to Nord VPN a trusted provider of VPNs: “Typically, when you try to access a websiteContinue reading “Cybersecurity and the New Year”