The Key to Cyber security predictions for 2021

Looking into the future year for cybersecurity trends in 2021 is not an easy task since the subject is immense and covers so many sectors and factors. However there are three constants in cybersecurity and they include people, technology and change. Lets start with people, well it looks like people will continue to acquire moreContinue reading “The Key to Cyber security predictions for 2021”

The Cyber security book for absolute beginners

Cyber security for absolute beginners is where my fourth book starts. As a woman who enjoys reading and writing books i wanted one that was definitely not boring to start introducing some common cyber security words and vocabulary to an absolute beginner in the field of cyber security. Why Cyber security? Well, we live inContinue reading “The Cyber security book for absolute beginners”

Making Scents in December-The truth about Scented Candles

The smell of freshly lit candles often fills the air in the month of December. But did you know that scented candles that are made of paraffin are actually doing more harm than good? In fact according to the Daily Telegraph in the UK-“A study carried out by Professor Alastair Lewis of the National CentreContinue reading “Making Scents in December-The truth about Scented Candles”