Incredible Monarch Butterflies

This week I had the pleasure of saving a Monarch butterfly from impending doom in a puddle of rain water. I lifted it onto my hand and discovered it was like a small bird with sturdy wings and long legs. I am in awe of these beautiful insect creatures who take a 5,000 kilometer migration journey from Canada to Mexico.

According to the WWF they say you can help the Monarchs by doing the following;

Planting milkweed: or by planting these and other butterfly friendly flowers:

  • Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
  • Black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia hirta)
  • Canada goldenrod (Soilidago canadensis)


Pumpkin spice is back

Every year the timing for the return of Pumpkin spice flavours in everything seems to get rolled back earlier and earlier.

This year it was pretty surreal to see Starbucks promoting its pumpkin spice latte flavour in the midst of a heatwave in August with the a/c blasting away.

While I generally do love the smell of pumpkin spice that greets you as a fresh pie comes out of the oven, I’m not sure that the end of summer is really fall season enough. However it is a little treat that albeit a bit pricey is something I look forward to as the school run season gets back into full swing!

Apples and spice and all things nice….

As Apple season and pumpkins roll our way this September I’m taken to thinking about all the varieties of apples we have available after stopping at a local Apple orchard.

In the orchard there was a 6ft menu of ripe picking days for all the many apple varieties and I lost count after 15 Apple varieties had been read!

I don’t know about you but what we might see on the grocery shelf is actually only a tiny slice of the amount of the apple varieties that are actually available during apple picking season.

So, go out there and pick some apples this weekend and you may discover for yourself a new apple variety you didn’t know was out there!