The First Frost

wint-e1540330151542.jpgWhat is it about the season of Autumns first frost that has us all getting out our winter wooly sweaters and socks again.  The trees all look like icy wands frozen in the sunlight and the glittery paths and grass are dusted with specs of frozen glittery ice crystals. According to the UK Met office “Frost is normally formed on still, clear and cold nights. The cool air causes water vapour in the air to condense and form droplets on the ground. When the temperature of the ground or surface is below 0 °C the moisture freezes into ice crystals – known as the frost point.”

There are in fact many types of frost that can happen and there are some amazing plants that can tolerate and even tend to benefit from frosts they include the well known brussel sprout, cabbages,turnips and some onions and some grapes for the production of ice wine enjoy a good frost.

So now you have the definition there is still something quite magical, lovely and special about the first frost of the year.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are in prime colourful season at the moment in Canada. Every year hues of gold, carpets of red maple leaves and brilliantly orange leaves fill the garden. We diligently rake the leaves into paper bags and the next morning the garden is full of leaves again its a losing battle in October.

I love the autumn walks where you see one side of a street with red maple leaves and the other side all in yellow, from another variety of tree, it’s like a great leaf colour palette of the natural world.

Apps for October

Welcome Autumn and while visions of pumpkins are everywhere aceoss Eastern Canada I thought we could take a look at some fun October apps;

For hair colours perfect for Halloween you might enjoy the app Style my Hair by L’Oreal which lets you try hair colours risk free and gives style tutorials

Feel like creating a pumpkin without all the gooey mess, we’ll your in luck with Pumpkintastic you can make a fun little pumpkin using templates.

If you like iPhone games then Bubblewitch is a good witch game to pass the time releasing the owls with your wand.

If you enjoy books then the classic Charlie Brown story can be found as an interactive book –Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

There you have it a mini apps roundup for October and There are many more fun October apps to discover on both iPhone and Android


Incredible Monarch Butterflies

This week I had the pleasure of saving a Monarch butterfly from impending doom in a puddle of rain water. I lifted it onto my hand and discovered it was like a small bird with sturdy wings and long legs. I am in awe of these beautiful insect creatures who take a 5,000 kilometer migration journey from Canada to Mexico.

According to the WWF they say you can help the Monarchs by doing the following;

Planting milkweed: or by planting these and other butterfly friendly flowers:

  • Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
  • Black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia hirta)
  • Canada goldenrod (Soilidago canadensis)


Pumpkin spice is back

Every year the timing for the return of Pumpkin spice everything seems to get rolled back earlier and earlier. This year it was surreal to see Tim Horton’s promoting its iced cap pumpkin spice flavour in the midst of a heatwave.

While I generally love the smell of pumpkin spice that greets you at certain stores, I’m not sure that early September is really in sync with our seasons anymore. What are your thoughts on this?