The Key to Cyber security predictions for 2021

Looking into the future year for cybersecurity trends in 2021 is not an easy task since the subject is immense and covers so many sectors and factors. However there are three constants in cybersecurity and they include people, technology and change. Lets start with people, well it looks like people will continue to acquire moreContinue reading “The Key to Cyber security predictions for 2021”

The Cyber security book for absolute beginners

Cyber security for absolute beginners is where my fourth book starts. As a woman who enjoys reading and writing books i wanted one that was definitely not boring to start introducing some common cyber security words and vocabulary to an absolute beginner in the field of cyber security. Why Cyber security? Well, we live inContinue reading “The Cyber security book for absolute beginners”

Cybersecurity and the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s time to shed light on VPNs or Virtual Private Networks for my readers. Because, not everyone knows what they are, what VPNs do exactly or if they are even necessary as a security tool. According to Nord VPN a trusted provider of VPNs: “Typically, when you try to access a websiteContinue reading “Cybersecurity and the New Year”

How early is too early for Christmas Decorating?

This is a question I ask myself every year, as the decorating visions of sugar plums and baubles begins in earnest earlier and earlier. For example take this year, as soon as the Halloween decorations were safely tucked away and November the 11th was solemnly remembered, the decorations seemed to pop up in earnest inContinue reading “How early is too early for Christmas Decorating?”