The OWASP Top Ten

What is OWASP? It may sound like a new type of insect but in actual fact, the Open Web Application Security Project, also known commonly as OWASP, is an international non-profit organization dedicated to web application security. OWASP was founded in 2001 and is a community for developers working to improve the security of softwareContinue reading “The OWASP Top Ten”

Tech the halls with gadgets!

Its that time of year again when Christmas trees get adorned with sparkly festive lights . Its also the time of year that fun technology gadgets are on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the holiday season of December approaches. The most popular technology gadgets for this year are listed in wonderful placesContinue reading “Tech the halls with gadgets!”

Decoding DeFi

If you have ever heard the term crypto currency and Ethereum in the news this year you were actually following news about the broader term known as Decentralized finance or DeFi. Decentralised finance (“DeFi”) is an umbrella term used for the blockchain form of finance that is open to anyone. Essentially, it cuts out theContinue reading “Decoding DeFi”

Two Factor Authentication and Candy Canes

Tis the season for candy canes and trees adorned with sparkly lights. It is also a great time to add some two factor authentication or 2FA to your list of things to do to keep your online safety in shape. What is 2FA? Two factor authentication is a like an extra step in the stairwellContinue reading “Two Factor Authentication and Candy Canes”