Why is visual brand identity important?

Visual brand identity is key these days for companies, with more and more video and podcast content blossoming in feeds. While it is true that most companies have a visual component to their particular brand, working on a visual identity as well as content identity is key to brand success. For myself, as a writerContinue reading “Why is visual brand identity important?”

Decoding DeFi

If you have ever heard the term crypto currency and Ethereum in the news this year you were actually following news about the broader term known as Decentralized finance or DeFi. Decentralised finance (“DeFi”) is an umbrella term used for the blockchain form of finance that is open to anyone. Essentially, it cuts out theContinue reading “Decoding DeFi”

Unravel the mystery of Ethereum

Ethereum is a popular topic these days, with the power of cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream. Let’s start with what is exactly ethereum? It is in fact a type of cryptocurrency that works on the basis of a blockchain network. Ether facts It has recently gained popularity in the media, it is also known as ETH.Continue reading “Unravel the mystery of Ethereum”

Juice Jacking-what is it?

Despite its rather tasty name, juice jacking is in fact a type of cyber attack that can happen when charging your devices. Juice jacking happens when a device is plugged into a charging port and either the port is corrupt or the cable is corrupt, enabling data to be stolen and/or malware to be installed.Continue reading “Juice Jacking-what is it?”