As an accomplished freelance writer, editor and author, Sophie has written for a wide range of media. She crafts content that matches the tone of the platform it is delivered on.

Below are just a few samples of articles she has written and edited that were published locally and internationally.

From educating adults about the world of cyber security to the cute simplicity of carving pumpkins with the family, Sophie can write in a conversational style that is engaging for your readers every time.

Here are some online articles from Sophie’s portfolio.

Who’s a Smart Cookie! Our blog post for March, that sheds light on what internet cookies are all about.

Phone Security with a VPN-blog posting for online content about VPN safety.

My Green Alphabet Book written, edited and authored by Sophie is now available on Amazon.com

Cybersecurity and the New YearAn article on keeping your phone cyber safe this coming year.

The Great Pumpkin is a family article that was written for an Online Parenting Magazine in the UK.

Caring for the Creatures of The Night-The Hedgehogs is an online article for a print and online parenting magazine.

4 Great Walks in Toronto for dog owners in a Canadian Dog Magazine.

Swiss Chalet Advertisement copy for radio broadcast.