Articles and Portfolio

Sophie is an accomplished freelance writer, editor and author and has written for print, radio and digital content. Below are just a few of the articles she has written, researched and edited that were published locally and internationally.

Some of my clients:

Ottawa Life Magaziine

Some links to a few articles in my portfolio

The Great Pumpkin is an article that was written for an Online Parenting Magazine

My Green Alphabet Book written, edited and authored by Sophie is now available on

Caring for the Creatures of The Night-The Hedgehogs is an online article for a print a and online parenting magazine

Making Scentsa seasonal blog posting for online content

Phone Security with a VPN-blog posting for online content

4 Great Walks in Toronto for dog owners in Dogs Magazine

Kirigami and how to make a pear card- feature article in the Craft Stamper Magazine

Wildlife in our backyards-Ottawa Life Magazine

Launch of a New Television Channel in Ottawa for The Fulcrum Newspaper

Gun Regulation and the law for the Fulcrum Newspaper

Movie Reviews for Ottawa Life Magazine

Tea Time healthy Teas for an online website

Swiss Chalet Ad copy for radio broadcast

Cherry Coke-Ad copy

Perpignan Boat Cruise-Ad Copy for Radio in French

These are just a small sample of the many diverse articles that Sophie is capable of creating content for and writing in the brand voice for the reader.