Two Factor Authentication and Candy Canes

Online security

Tis the season for candy canes and trees with sparkly lights. It is also a great time to add some two factor authentication or 2FA to your list of things to do to keep your online safety in shape.

What is 2FA?

Two factor authentication is a like an extra step in the stairwell of the signing in process. It requires a double validation to say that yes, this is indeed who you claim to be as you are signing into an account.

There is also MFA, multi-factor authentication which as its name says, uses multiple steps to authenticate you when you are signing into an account online.

While at first you might think that these extra steps with their authenticator apps are a bit annoying to do, you will in fact be thankful that it can save you from a cyber attacker entering your accounts.

So enjoy the holidays this year, the sparkly lights and the candy canes with the knowledge that 2FA and MFA are working for you to keep your accounts better protected.

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