Top five Data Security Tips

Data security tips

In 2021, data is considered an asset for most people and organizations, however it can also be one of the biggest liabilities if you don’t have the right security and protection in place to keep it safe.

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and insurance company Nationwide points out that, “According to Nationwide, 68% of small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan. The problem with this is the longer it takes you to restore your data, the more money you’ll lose. Gartner found that this downtime can cost companies as much as $300,000 an hour.” Twitter: @growwithco

Having practices and procedures in place to protect your data can benefit you and an organization. Here are our top five tips that may assist you in your quest for better data security.

  • Back up your data regularly. There are many options including the cloud to choose from and this daily practice of backing up your data can really save you money in the long run.
  • Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible to protect your points of entry. Use VPNs whenever possible if you are travelling and paying in public places to protect financial data.
  • Get good and trusted antivirus software to prevent online attacks and create a budget to train your staff in phishing awareness regularly.
  • Implement a zero-trust architecture policy to only give the minimum permissions necessary for certain access points.
  • Finally, always Remember to always turn off your devices when finished to avoid leaving you open to attacks when you are not using the devices.

Data security tips are always evolving and its also a really good idea to stay up to date online with the latest technology news and best practices to keep on learning. We hope that these tips can help you to better protect your data security and that of your organization this year.

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