What is cloud computing?

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What is The Cloud?

The Cloud in technology terms can be described in many ways but it is essentially someone else’s storage of your data. It is a fast and great way to store your data not on your actual premises, thereby often reducing your overhead costs. It is also highly scalable and varies in price often according to your needs and scale.

Where is the cloud stored?

The cloud in technology is not some fluffy white object in the big blue sky, it is instead actually on land in enormous ordinary warehouses scattered across the globe. Your data is stored on the servers in these enormous warehouses.

Who sells cloud services?

The cloud can be sold as three levels of cloud computing service models, Internet as a Service-Iaas, Platform as a Service-Paas and Software as a Service-Saas. Iaas, PaaS and SaaS are not mutually exclusive. Many mid-sized businesses use more than one, and most large enterprises use all three. A customer can access and scale the IT capabilities it needs for a predictable cost, without the expense and overhead of purchasing and maintaining everything in its own data center.

86% of Google Cloud customers agree that “Google Cloud helped increase their operational efficiency and optimize IT spend,” according to a TechValidate study.

Companies like Amazon web services, Microsoft, Google Cloud and many other big name brands offer cloud services for businesses to choose from. The cloud really offers the flexibility to scale your business based on demand and in turn reduces your costs and improves the speed of delivery.

So, there you have it a brief introduction to cloud computing. From what it is, to some of the benefits it can offer. The cloud is certainly forward thinking and can help to drive business transformation now and in the future.





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