Why is visual brand identity important?

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Visual brand identity is key these days for companies, with more and more video and podcast content blossoming in feeds. While it is true that most companies have a visual component to their particular brand, working on a visual identity as well as content identity is key to brand success.

For myself, as a writer what started off as a few humble images and cool technology photos plus cyber words has now morphed into a creative wordswag filled look and feel for my Instagram and LinkedIn feed that my audience of real people seem to resonate with most days. Plus, there is the benefit that I truly enjoy creating it especially when the lightening bolts of creativity strike!

So, why are visuals important to your brand?

  • People like and enjoy visuals to go with their words.
  • A strong visual identity can help to strengthen your brand message.
  • A visual brand identity can give an instant impression of your brand’s personality without even saying a single word.
  • In a crowded digital space the strength of your visual branding can influence whether someone follows your profile and engages with your brand- or not.

As you experiment with finding the right fonts and styles and images to match your brand style, there are many platforms that can help you on your way, places to start off with like Canva have easy to use sizing for social media templates, there are also many sites with different colour pallets that can show you which colours compliment each other for your visual brand identity. Also, that giant visual board called Pinterest sure can provide an endless supply of go-to ideas.

Tell your visual identity story

Visual brand identity is about telling your story with images that captures the magical essence of your business. It is both a joy and a journey to share our many stories in order to make real authentic connections with our audiences who are after all real people. So, go have some fun with creating your brand’s visual identity and get creative!



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