The Benefits of Playtime


The power of playtime rules goes back a long way, over the years play has been studied by prominent people including, Jung, Freud and Piaget. It seems that adults over time do loose the amount of playtime in their lives, but for children this vital and beneficial time is an important piece in their development.

Playtime now, more than ever is playing a very important role in our society. Did you know that currently during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, kids playtime with the power of the brick that is the Lego brand has in fact increased with a significant 21% jump in Lego sales? Its a fact and completely understandable considering the impact of more at-home time for children.

The Lego Foundation has many great things to say about play including “Give children the chance to shape their own world through the wonder of inventive play and the pride of
creation – at home, at school, anywhere.”

So, how in fact does playtime benefit us as humans? Well, child’s play and playing together as a family is fun, and it’s vital to a child’s ability to develop core life skills such as confidence, communication, creativity and critical thinking. These abilities are also crucial to their wellbeing and success as adults. In fact, our perceived happiness and well being really do increase when adults and children play together regularly.

Play time is more often than not, a really rewarding time and we all know it also includes digital playtime for children too with parents helping to shape their children’s play experiences and balance their children’s digital play times with other play forms.

Play Makes People. It scaffolds learning and helps children to grow and flourish.” So, we should all as people find a little beneficial time every day to include and share our playtime with others in our lives to benefit ourselves, our families and our world.


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