Entrepreneurship and Brainstorming

“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.” Guy Kawasaki

Ideas and brainstorming, a gathering of the minds, has since the dawn of time been a key factor in the entrepreneurship process. In the 1940’s a book by Alex Osborn called “Think Up,”was a brainstorming game changer and a precursor to thinking broadly and widely in business. Mr. Osborn is claimed to have said that “It is easier to tone down a wild idea than to think up a new one.”

Nowadays, brainstorming and ideation sessions are used to rebrand companies, to start companies, to launch products and so much more. In fact brainstorming is often a chance to collaborate with other idea creators and as such can bring about a storming of the castle of a problem with a myriad of ideas.

Here are five tips for Brainstorming:

  1. Focus on Quantity
  2. Withhold Criticism
  3. Welcome the Bold and Wild Ideas even from other Industries
  4. Combine and Improve on Ideas
  5. Include Visuals of the ideas, people like visuals.

I hope you look forward to your next brainstorming session and remember to have the right environment for the session by creating a safe non-judgmental space for creativity at your business, because you never know what bright idea might stick.

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