Using passwords at play and at work is a part of our everyday daily lives. You have probably have heard about the need to create a strong password, renewing your passwords and using two factor authentication when possible.

But have you heard about password managers that can create unique passwords and store your login passwords in one place online? Well, they are one option for keeping all those random passwords in a tidy and relatively safe place.

However from what we see in the media there may be a move in the future to the possibility where we no longer need passwords and instead only use biometric data as proof of entry. One such big name branded company that talks more about this is Microsoft .

So, whether passwords are always going to be with us or will they become a thing of the past it seems only time will tell. One thing we know for sure is that we can guarantee is that passwords sure are getting trickier to create but are still too easy to forget whether at work or at play.

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