Smart Cookies

In the world of technology, internet website cookies are omnipresent on almost every site you visit. The pop ups that you see and click before reading a site are often cookie permissions that you are allowing.

What is a website cookie?

It is in fact a bit of text file that you could read in notes. These cookies can remember you snd things you do and although not dangerous by nature are a nuisance and can be a bit of a privacy matter.

They are very useful for online shopping since cookies can help remember your purchases as you browse. Some sites will function less well without cookies and there are different types of cookies too. Session cookies are temporary while persistent cookies hang around.

How to keep your privacy around these smart cookies? Well, you can choose the block cookies option in your browser or you can opt out of them in the pop ups manually.

Putting yourself back in control of technology, now, who’s a smart cookie!

Here is a great short video about website cookies:

Now that you know about website cookies you can feel more aware next time you are browsing the internet and see a cookie request pop up on the page.

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