The Key to Cyber security predictions for 2021

Looking into the future year for cybersecurity trends in 2021 is not an easy task since the subject is immense and covers so many sectors and factors. However there are three constants in cybersecurity and they include people, technology and change.

Lets start with people, well it looks like people will continue to acquire more smart technology in 2021 with the internet of things growing, this means that the cyber crimes will increase on these devices until tighter security measures are implemented on all these new devices.

Technology will continue to change over time as we adopt new technologies in our everyday lives- the Iot or internet of things products and smart devices will increase over time.

So as we look to the future, change is a sure thing, and knowing that anything can and will happen. Since people are after ultimately in control the technology they purchase and interact with, being really informed and cyber aware is going to be truly the key to a secure and safe technology driven 2021.

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