Its Exam Time-here are some great parenting Tips

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Its that time of year again when exam time occurs at High School level in Canada. It’s a time of high stress, tensions and strong feelings. Here are some tips for helping your teen and yourself through these times.

  • Make sure plenty of good food is available for them to make good choices from.
  • Try to get them to have a better sleep schedule if at all possible.
  • Make sure they are doing some form of exercise or fun activity to help alleviate stress.
  • Try to talk to them about a plan for studying if possible.
  • Have a white board at home to indicate which exam is on what day so they can try to plan for it. Perhaps give them the opportunity to schedule a small study group to make it less intense for them.
  • Have alot of patience and make sure you can listen to their concerns at this time of year as exams are a struggle to get through for both the teens and parents.

Below are two other sources of great ideas that you might fund useful.

Jamie Oliver gives some great Brain Fuel food tips for exam time here

The Bright Network offers some Real Top Tips for just before the exam

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