Its a Snow Day!

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This month, like most years in Canada, we have what we call Snow days when the schools are closed due to extreme winter weather conditions.

Snow days can be fun if you live near a hill that has the right conditions for sliding (tobogganing). So, what else can you do on a snow day? Well, I asked alot of children recently and they said they like to play with their friends since their friends also have a snow day to fill.

For parents, snow days can be tricky unless of course you also get a snow day at work due to unfavorable weather in which case you can all go sliding together and have fun outdoors. But, if its a freezing rain sort of snow day then staying indoors and playing with your pets eating storm chips (as done in Nova Scotia), baking cookies with your parents and friends may sound like a better idea.

So enjoy your Snow Day if you get one this year and go make some snow angels if you have some fluffy snow.

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