Wear your Kids Art

Have you ever wanted to wear your kids art because its so lovely? Well now you can with companies like  Art to Charm  and Formia its all possible. Sometimes, I know as a parent that those lovely art papers can get curled up at the edges in a draw or tote box and end up not being seen in their full loveliness. Also over the years a complete lack of space to put all the art work is also a common parents issue. So, the very idea of turning their art into a piece that can be worn that is so very special and unique to every family sounds like a charmed idea to me as a parent.

Elegant-cuff-family-drawing Create-your-own-elegant-cuff-bracelet-and-other-jewelry.png

This one above is from Formia and its really such an original gift idea for the grandparents this could be a really unique gift to give.


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